• Self-guided: Julian Alps mountain biking tour

    Bike around the Triglav National Park, enjoy the best trails & views and treat yourself to refreshing swims in lakes, rivers and waterfall pools. No so fit? Do it with an e-bike!

    from 5 to 8 days

    Julian Alps mountain biking tour, Slovenia

    Keep in mind

    • We provide maps, descriptions, gps device and via-ferrata safety gear, but you still need orientation knowledge and hiking experience.
    • Expect to carry all your hiking equipment - no luggage transfer!
    • Mountain huts are staffed and offer lodging, food and drinks.
    • You don't need a car; we organize the transfers to the trail head and back.
    • You need to be in good shape to fully enjoy this trip.
    • Not for hikers who are afraid of heights!


    • Climb several of the highest Slovenian summits.
    • Cross the Julian Alps from north to south on this epic via-ferrata mountaineering adventure.
    • Conquer Mt. Triglav and "get a Slovene passport"!
    • Enjoy rugged high Alpine landscape of the Julian Alps.
    • Finish the tour at Lake Bohinj or the Soca valley and treat yourself to a deserved swim!
    Julian Alps mountain biking tour, Slovenia

      This hiking adventure is for everybody who is very fit, has some hiking experience & doesn't mind exposure. This is not just hiking, it is mountaineering. You will cross the Julian Alps, climb some of the highest Slovenian peaks, overcome long and challenging ascents, tackle some steep or even vertical sections and of course carry all your hiking equipment while you do it. Good fitness level and no fear of hights are absolutely neccessary to fully enjoy this tour. It might sound very dangerous or too difficult, but it is a true delight for an experienced hiker.


      What is a via-ferrata? It actually means "iron route" in Italian and stands for a protected climbing route. The routes to most of the highest Slovenian peaks will include some of that. It might be just a few steel bars and pegs in some cases, but can include longer vertical sections, where via-ferrata safety kit is essential. Don't expect to be climbing all the time. Most of the time you are actually hiking and passing through the same or similar terrain as in our easier non-climbing hut-to-hut hiking tour. However the trails/routes on the via-ferrata tour also cross very steep terrain, rocky faces or longer north walls where you will have to use your hands and the safety equipment.


      We recommend crossing the Julian Alps

      • from east to west in 4-5 days and add some biking & water sports days in the Soca valley or
      • from north to south in 6-8 days and finish with some relaxing days at lovely Lake Bohinj.

      Both options will take you to the summit of Mt. Triglav - the highest Slovenian peak and the symbol of Slovenia. By climbing it you will become a true Slovene and have the honor to get spanked on your behind at 2864 m above sea level. This is the baptism procedure for the ones who climb Triglav for the first time. :)


      Both options can be done in "light" or "demanding" version. If you decide for the "light" version we will choose the easiest trails with less elevation gain and least possible climbing sections. The "demanding" options include the most difficult routes and eventual side trips to less visited summits. Expect to do 1000-1500 meters of elevation gain and hike 5-9 hours per day.


      We provide:

      • Route planning with detailed hiking descriptions.
      • Maps and gps device with your custom made gps track..
      • Organize your private transfer to the start point and from the finish point OR when possible offer information about public transport options.
      • Book your mountain huts and provide information about them.
      • Rent via-ferrata gear if needed.
      • Weather information and eventual warnings while you are on tour.
      • Need a guide? Let us know!

      As usual on our self-guided tours, we will meet you in Ljubljana or Bled upon your arrival to go through trip details, give you the via-ferrata saftey gear, navigation equipment etc. From here on you are on your own! Even though we will be informing you about weather conditions, you are the one who is responsible and makes the decisions whether the situation on site is safe, should you proceed, climb the peak or rather stay in the mountain hut. This tour requires hiking/mountaineering experience and needs to be taken with extreme precaution.


      Are you up for this mountain experience? Tell us your wishes and we will prepare a 100% customized trip!

      Julian Alps mountain biking tour, Slovenia
      Julian Alps mountain biking tour, Slovenia
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      Anytime between July and September


      How long?

      from 5 to 9 days


      Luggage transfer during the tour?


      How much?

      Depends on the length, number of people etc.

      Fitness level: difficult

    • Why hike in Slovenia with Slotrips?

      Because we do what we love!

      Review by Philip and Jakob from Denmark, visited in July 2015

      In the summer of 2015 we asked Miha to help us manoeuvre the Slovenian Alps with minimal exposure to civilisation, and we could not have been happier with the choice. Miha solved all logistical concerns from maps with alternative routes to safety equipment (we were skeptical at first, but learned to appreciate it!) to daily phone calls on the weather forecast. One tip: As we found Slotrips on Google we continually stressed that we were in very good shape because we feared the route would be too easy. We got what we asked for! It turns out very good shape for an avid mountaineer is indeed very good shape - but ultimately it lead to a highly rewarding experience in magnificent surroundings. We give the highest of recommendations to use Slotrips to plan any trip.

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