• Self-guided: HUT-TO-HUT hiking tour in the Julian Alps

    Experience high alpine scenery of Triglav National Park and hike along beautiful trails without any technical difficulties or exposed sections.

    from 3 to 8 days

    Self guided hut-to-hut hiking tour, Slovenia, Julian Alps

    Keep in mind

    • We provide maps, descriptions and gps device, but you still need basic orientation knowledge and hiking experience.
    • Expect to carry all your hiking equipment - no luggage transfer!
    • Mountain huts are staffed and offer lodging, food and drinks.
    • You don't need a car; we organize the transfers to the trail head and back.
    • Difficulty will be adapted to your wishes, but expect to hike at least 4 hours per day. 
    • Tour can be done children friendly as well.


    • Hike the high alpine trails of Triglav National Park and enjoy the splendid vistas of the highest Slovenian peaks
    • Explore enchanting mountain meadows as well as the rocky high alpine terrain.
    • Hike at your own pace, interact with other hikers and hut keepers.
    • Enjoy hidden lonely trails as well as the must-see spots of the fabulous Julian Alps
    Self guided hut-to-hut hiking tour, Slovenia, Julian Alps

      Welcome to the Julian Alps and its immense network of beautiful hiking trails! Some are more popular, others less. Some are marked, some are not. Some are steeper, others are gentler. We are here to listen to your wishes and design your perfect, fun and safe hut-to-hut experience in the Julian Alps.


      The Julian Alps and Triglav National Park are situated in north-western corner of Slovenia. In a "square" between Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj, the Soca valley and the town of Kranjska Gora. On the north side the valleys are steep, the ascents are long and it is impossible to avoid some exposed sections secured with steel cables, stemples and pegs. If you like climbing and exposure, check our suggestions for best via-ferratas across the Julian Alps. If you prefer gentler ascents, comfortable trails and a safe multi-day hut-to-hut hike, you are on the right page.


      Your hike will most probably start or finish somewhere close to the stunning Lake Bohinj. The lake is situated within Triglav National Park and the surrounding mountains offer endless options for comfortable hiking adventures. You will start hiking through beautiful beech, spruce & larch forests, reach hidden mountain meadows where you can visit shepherds and try their fresh dairy products, later you hike above the tree line and enter the rough & rocky terrain of the highest Slovenian peaks. One of the must-do's is the valley of 7 Triglav Lakes from where you can return back to Lake Bohinj or continue all the way to the Soca valley.


      Here are some suggestions:

      • Before the hike visit lively capital city of Ljubljana where we meet for a welcome drink and go through trip details.
      • Warm up your engine and spend an active day exploring Lake Bled.
      • Get a transfer to the trail head and start your hut-to-hut adventure.
      • You can do a loop hike, finish at Lake Bohinj & spend a couple of relaxing days by the lake - one of our favorite spots in Slovenia!
      • You can hike from Lake Bohinj area all the way to the Soca valley and spend a couple of days in Bovec - Slovenia's oudoor & adventure "mecca". Great choice for all water sports fans!
      • Is your hiking experience limited, but your fitness level is good? Would you like to be challenged? Get a guide for a day and climb the highest Slovenian summit - Mt. Triglav!
      • Get a car after the hut-to-hut hike and explore the rest of Slovenia by car doing shorter day walks, include some water adventures and even continue all the way to Slovenian (or Croatian) coast!


      A minimum of 3 days (2 nights) of hut-to-hut hiking is neccesary to do a nice loop hike and enjoy some of the best trails in the Julian Alps. A 3-day hike can be incorporated very nicely into a great weekly itinerary including a day in Ljubljana, Bled and some free time at Lake Bohinj. If you have more time, we can prolongue the hiking part and also add the Soca valley. But to be honest: after 5-6 nights of sleeping and eating in mountain huts, you will dream of a hotel bed, private bathroom, a proper steak or fresh salad. :)


      Which brings us to another question: what are the mountain huts in Slovenian Alps like? They are quite basic, but offer everything a hiker needs: food, drinks, shelter and beds. Some huts have private rooms (2-6 beds), others only have dormitory accommodation (up to 30 beds per room, usually bunk beds). Some mountain huts have normal flush toilets and even hot showers, others don't have running water and you'll have to get used to a pit toilet. Toilets and bathrooms are always shared. The mountain huts are warm and they offer blankets. You don’t need a sleeping bag, but a thin cotton or silk sleeping liner (bed sheet) is advisable. How about food? Don't expect any culinary delicacies and get ready for simple mountain food: different stews, cabbage, sausages, pasta, pan cakes, apple pie,...). Maybe we are scaring you too much. But we would rather have you prepared and maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised. :) They also sell chocolate, sandwiches, beer, wine, schnaps. Yaaay! Warning: mountain huts are open from late June to late September.


      How about orientation? Are the trails easy to follow?

      Some trails are very easy to follow and are very nicely marked. Other less so. In any case we provide detailed descriptions, maps and even gps device where we mark your hiking route. With basic orientation knowledge it is difficult to get lost.


      Keep in mind: during the whole hut-to-hut hike you won't cross any roads or pass any villages. Most of the mountain huts are accessible only by helicopter. Luggage transfer is not possible. Water sources are scarce, but you can buy/refill water in the mountain huts.


      Are you ready for this hiking adventure? Tell us your wishes and we will prepare a 100% customized trip!

      Like the idea, but would prefer to go guided? Let us know!

      Self guided hut-to-hut hiking tour, Slovenia, Julian Alps
      Self guided hut-to-hut hiking tour, Slovenia, Julian Alps
      Self guided hut-to-hut hiking tour, Slovenia, Julian Alps
    • Self-guided: HUT-TO-HUT hiking tour


      Anytime between late June and late September


      How long?

      from 3 to 8 days


      Luggage transfer during the hike?


      How much?

      Depends on the length, number of people etc.

      Fitness level: medium to difficult

    • We are looking forward to hear your wishes!

    • Why hike in Slovenia with Slotrips?

      Because we do what we love!

      Review by John and Sarah from USA, visited us in August 2016

      We had an excellent experience with SLOTRIPS for our self-guided tour in Slovenia. Miha was really accommodating from the beginning in trying to set up a self-guided tour for us with our two 9 year old children. We wanted to see Slovenia and also wanted some adventure along the way. The trip started with some hut hiking in Triglov National Park and then made our way down to Piran with adventures in the Soca River along the way. We met with Miha in the beginning of our trip and everything he had for us was well planned and organized. Along the trip we were able to easily contact him if there were any problems or if wanted some advice along the way. Thanks Miha and SLOTRIPS for a great adventure in Slovenia! We hope to come back someday!

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