• 3-day hiking tour: HUT-TO-HUT HIKE IN JULIAN ALPS

    Join us on this amazing 3-day hike in the heart of the Julian Alps.
    Technically non-demanding and very diverse hike for all happy people out there!

    Guided hut-to-hut hiking tour Julian Alps, Slovenia


    • Hike the lonely trails in the heart of Slovenian Alps
    • Get to know our traditional alpine culture and architecture
    • Enjoy the splendid vistas of the highest Slovenian peaks
    • Hike to a 2500-meter summit and explore the valley of 7 Triglav lakes
    • Jump into the refreshing Lake Bohinj
    Guided hut-to-hut hiking tour Julian Alps, Slovenia

      Starting out from the fabulous Lake Bohinj we will head to the lovely alpine pastures, meet the local shepherds and cheese makers, taste some fresh dairy products and admire the traditional alpine architecture. The hike will take us across lonely summits and grassy slopes towards the highest peaks of Slovenian Alps. We will sleep in small mountain huts and have the option to make an extra 'sunset hike' to one of the nearby viewpoints. After climbing one of the highest Slovenian mountains (Mt. Kanjavec) we will descent to the valley of 7 Triglav lakes, explore its wild karstic terrain and finish our tour at Lake Bohinj. Finish this great hiking trip with a refreshing jump into the crystal clear Lake Bohinj and get a transfer back to Bled or Ljubljana.


      These are the hiking "statistics" of the usual hiking tour:

      • Day 1: 10 km / elevation +950 m, -300 m / approx. 5-6 hours
      • Day 2: 14 km / elevation +700 m, -750 m / approx. 6-7 hours (the hardest day)
      • Day 3: 12 km / elevation +200 m, -700 m / approx. 4 hours

      There are some possible extensions for the "extra fit" hikers, but it all depends on the weather conditions and group's wishes. A reasonable fitness level is required for you to fully enjoy the hike. If you decide for a private tour, we will adapt the itinerary 100% to your wishes.


      If you like nature & mountains, want to breathe in some fresh air & enjoy amazing alpine scenery, you will love this hike! The tour offers a lot of fun for children as well, if they are fit enough. :)


      General information:

      • 3-day hut-to-hut hiking tour is possible from late June until late September. If you want to hike outside these dates, let us know and we will discuss the options.
      • Maximum number of hikers in a shared tour is 8. Private tours: on demand.
      • We pick you up in the morninng of Day 1 at your accommodation in Ljubljana, Bled or Bohinj.
      • We drop you off in Bohinj, Bled or Ljubljana in late afternoon / early evening on Day 3.
      • The mountain huts in Slovenian Alps are quite basic, but they offer everything a hiker needs: food, drinks and accommodation. Rooms have 4, 6 or 12 beds. The bathrooms are shared, they have flush toilets, running water and hot showers. You don’t need a sleeping bag, but a thin cotton or silk sleeping liner (bed sheet) is advisable. 
      • Luggage transfer between the mountain huts is NOT possible. You will need to carry your equipment throughout the hike. Your main luggage should stay at your accommodation in Bled, Bohinj or Ljubljana. Let us know if you need any help with storing your main luggage.
      • Our price includes transport and guiding. Additional costs which you pay on the spot are lodging, food and drinks. Half-board (dinner + lodging + breakfast) in the mountain huts costs app. 40 EUR per person per night. Count in some extra costs for lunches and drinks.

      Do you have more time to explore Slovenia? Have a look at our 8-day hiking tour which includes a similar 3-day hut-to-hut hike!

      Guided hut-to-hut hiking tour Julian Alps, Slovenia
      Guided hut-to-hut hiking tour Julian Alps, Slovenia
    • Guided hiking tour HUT-TO-HUT HIKE IN JULIAN ALPS


      Every Wednesday in July and August

      September on demand

      How long?

      3 full days / 2 nights

      How much?

      660 € per tour (1-2 guests)

      220 € per person (3-8 guests)

      Price includes: guiding and transport from Ljubljana, Bled or Bohinj
      Additional costs: food & accommodation

      Fitness level: 3/5

      Group size: max. 8 guests
      Start & end of the tour: Ljubljana, Bled or Bohinj, Slovenia

    • This is the approximate hiking route of our 3-day HUT-TO-HUT HIKE IN JULIAN ALPS on Google maps. We always adapt it slightly to the weather conditions and (if possible) to guests' wishes. We offer pick-up & drop off in Ljubljana, Bled and Bohinj. Let us know your plans before and after the hike and we'll make it hassle free for you.

    • Get your spot and join this unforgettable hiking adventure!

    • Why hike in Slovenia with Slotrips?

      Because we do what we love!

      Review by Jeroen from Belgium, visited us in August 2016

      I had booked a last-minute to Slovenia and wanted to really explore the Triglav national park region in depth. Since I didn't have a lot of time to prepare and it was high season I contacted Miha to see what my options were of joining a guided tour. Miha was very helpfull and responded very quickly to all my questions. I ended up doing the 3 day hut-to-hut trek in the julian alps, which I couldn't recommend more! The views were amazing, the trek offered a lot of variation, both in scenary and intensity, and the group atmosphere was great. Be prepared for some serious alpine hiking though, the second day (including the Kanjavec) is a long one for which some basic fitness level is needed. Our guide was however very aware of this and left it to the group to decide if we wanted to climb to the top of Kanjavec or not. For me personally this climb was the highlight of the trip so if you have the choice and are not afraid of hights, I'd say do it! :-)

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