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  • Custom made self-guided tours in Slovenia

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    Self guided hiking and walking tours in Slovenia

    Self guided

    Our proposals for amazing hiking and walking tours. Everything from easy gourmet walks to serious mountaineering adventures in Slovenia.

    Self guided cycling and biking tours in Slovenia

    Self guided

    Slovenia is a biker's paradise! Full of beautiful side roads, rolling hills, friendly countryside villages and very diverse landscapes from the Alps to the Adriatic coast.

    Bespoke self guided tours in Slovenia

    Guided, self-guided or combination of both

    Tell us what is missing, let us know who you are, what you like and we will plan your perfect active holidays in beautiful Slovenia.

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    Self-guided walking, hiking, cycling tours in Slovenia


    We organize & You walk, hike or bike independently

    "I want to travel on my own, with my partner, with my family or friends. I want to decide when & where to stop for a rest, swim, lunch or nap. I want to travel at my own pace. I don't need a guide. I feel comfortable enough to communicate with locals and navigate the roads and trails on my own. But I would really appreciate Slotrips' local knowledge to choose the most suitable & scenic trails, get detailed maps & route descriptions, find the perfect accommodation, discover Slovenian culinary treasures, arrange neccessary transfers, get local tips & tricks and plan an unforgettable trip."


    Save your time in front of the computer and let the experts to their job!

    Get everything organized and explore Slovenia on your own!

    Hiking & walking / Cycling



    Guided walking, hiking, cycling tours in Slovenia


    Enjoy the knoweldge and flexibility of a local guide

    "I want my holidays 100% care free. I don't want to drive the car or think about where to turn left or right. I want to enjoy the company of a knowledgable local guide to learn about Slovenia, its culture and history. I really like how an experienced guide simultaneously adapts the tour to the weather conditions, group's wishes or any unexpected events. Having a guide always opens some extra doors and new experiences."


    Join our scheduled group tours or get a custom made private hiking or cycling trip in Slovenia!

  • Why travel with Slotrips?

    We do what we LOVE! And we LOVE sLOVEnia!

    We are passionate, enthusiastic, hardworking and happy!

    We are a local provider with extensive local knowledge, tips and tricks.

    Specialists in hiking, walking and cycling tours in Slovenia.

    We don't work with 'masses'. All groups are small and every tour is unique.

    We will show you the highlights as well as the hidden treasures of Slovenia.

    We are 100% adaptable. Just tell us your wishes!

    Our guests love us. Check our reviews.

  • Emily, visited in June 2016

    Self-guided "POINT-TO-POINT" walking tour in Slovenia

    We could not believe the effort Miha went to make our trip to Slovenia so amazing. He responded quickly to emails and put together an itinerary that showed he understood exactly what we wanted out of our trip including amazing food, comfortable accommodation and hiking in the Slovenian alps. Thank you so much for a wonderful travel experience, Slotrips is truly a company that understand the travelling preferences of the future - autonomy and adventure with the right amount of guidance so you can navigate a place for yourself and don't get trapped by tourist gimmicks.

    Kathryn, visited in July 2016

    Guided 8-day "DISCOVER SLOVENIAN ALPS" hiking tour

    We did so much swimming in lakes, rivers, waterfalls. We saw incredible views on our various hikes. We ate amazing local food especially as we came down from the mountain in local sheppard huts. We stayed in excellent accommodation (the mountain huts are actually very cosy and comfortable!) Everything we did was of the highest standard. It's going to be difficult to do an organised trip again as Miha has set the bar very high and I don't think others tours could match this one! Don't second question whether to book a trip with Slotrips as I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.

    Philip and Jakob, visited in July 2015

    Self-guided BEST VIA FERRATAs ACROSS THE JULIAN ALPS hiking tour

    In the summer of 2015 we asked Miha to help us manoeuvre the Slovenian Alps with minimal exposure to civilisation, and we could not have been happier with the choice. Miha solved all logistical concerns from maps with alternative routes to safety equipment (we were skeptical at first, but learned to appreciate it!) to daily phone calls on the weather forecast. One tip: As we found Slotrips on Google we continually stressed that we were in very good shape because we feared the route would be too easy. We got what we asked for! It turns out very good shape for an avid mountaineer is indeed very good shape - but ultimately it lead to a highly rewarding experience in magnificent surroundings. We give the highest of recommendations to use Slotrips to plan any trip.

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